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Bothenhampton is a village and civil parish in southwest Dorset, England, just outside the town of Bridport. It is separated from the town only by the River Asker and the A35 Bridport by-pass. In the 2011 census the civil parish—which includes the settlement of Walditch—had a population of 2,131.

Walditch is a small village in the English county of Dorset, situated in the civil parish of Bothenhampton in the West Dorset administrative district, about 1 kilometre to the east of the town of Bridport. The name Walditch is derived from an older term Waldyke, which alludes to the village's location: Walditch is located in the valley of a curved hill that encompasses the village; the hill has a dry stone wall still partially in place, which continues over towards Bothenhampton.

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