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Rewilding and Tree Planting


As part of our response to climate change, and to help improve the appearance of our neighbourhood, the Parish Council has planted some trees at Slades Green, off Crock Lane.


The idea was first suggested to us last autumn by Joe Hackett, the Bridport Tree Planting Co-ordinator. We established that the three verges in question were the responsibility of the Highways Department of Dorset Council, and they kindly gave us permission in principle to plant trees on the site when we met them there last October. Formal authorisation is given by Highways in a Licence to Cultivate, which also sets out the responsibilities of the Parish Council.


We consulted local residents in December, who were positive about the idea.


The Bridport Tree Planting group very kindly supplied expertise, the saplings themselves, as well as tree guards.


On 17 March, the Highways Department conducted a scan of the verges to establish the location of utilities underneath, so that the trees could be sited to avoid them.


Later that morning, 29 saplings (field maple, bird cherry and downy birch) were planted in small groups by volunteers.


Several local residents have kindly offered to help keep an eye on the trees and maintain them (occasional watering; weeding; and annual deposit of mulch around the bases).


We hope the trees will do well there, and will enhance the area.

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