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DANGER - Cattle boluses found on Hyde

Sad account from Mr Wessel who often walked his dog from Bridport over Hyde Hill to Walditch Village, it's a great walk for dogs as there are fields they are able to run free in , also the views from up there are incredible. In November of 2017 while walking his Black Labrador, as dogs do the dog picked something up in the grass in one of the fields, Mr Wessel was not sure what it was at the time, and thought that it was harmless.

Little did Mr Wessel know it was a Cattle Bolus which contains a toxic called Monensin which is deadly to dogs and horses . Unfortunately Mr Wessel's Labrador broke the bolus and therefore ate some of the Monensin.

After a week at the Vets Mr Wessel was advised to have him put to sleep.

Please be warned of the deadly hazards to dogs and horses especially if you let your dog off the lead.

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